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Teachers Again Demand Reform in Landslide Victory

Michelle Flanigan elected in sixth straight victory for reform candidates

COLUMBUS, OH –  Ohio active teachers elected high school government teacher Michelle Flanigan to the STRS Ohio board with a convincing 85 percent of the vote. This is the sixth straight election where a reform-minded teacher has earned the trust of their colleagues. Ms. Flanigan's blowout victory further cements the reform majority on the STRS board and reinforces the will of membership for transparency and accountability. Ms. Flanigan's four-year term will begin in September. 

ORTA Statement on the election of Michelle Flanigan:

"Once again, Ohio teachers have made their voices abundantly heard with their election of a reform-minded candidate. For years, our educators have been cheated and dismissed by a STRS culture that resists transparency and thrives on power and self-enrichment. Reformers now have a clear and convincing mandate to institute real change and restore trust. Ms. Flanigan's voice and stewardship will be critical in that effort.

"ORTA Statement on STRS staff referring to reformers' success at the ballot box as a "hostile takeover":

The arrogance of STRS staff to characterize the election of reformers in the past six elections as a "hostile takeover" is unapologetically self-preservationist and shameful. In this country, fair and democratic elections are the foundation on which our institutions are held accountable. Ultimately, Ohio law vests the administration of STRS to the board, not to the staff. For years STRS Ohio has failed our teachers while enriching STRS staff. This is not a hostile takeover, it is a teacher takeover through fair and free elections."




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