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ORTA Pension Defense Fund

ORTA established the Pension Defense Fund to ensure it has the legal and professional resources necessary to continue its fight for pro-teacher policies and the reinstatement of pro-reform STRS board member Wade Steen.


In a huge victory for teachers this week, an Ohio court made a preliminary finding that pro-teacher board member Wade Steen should be reinstated to the STRS board. The magistrate determined Mr. Steen was wrongfully removed by the Governor last year. However, this victory was short lived because it appears the Governor has a hidden motive. Despite the Tenth District Court of Appeals findings, the Governor's office decided to brazenly interfere with the court. 


After the Tenth District’s Courts finding, Brent Bishop resigned from the seat from which he was wrongfully appointed. Ignoring the court’s findings, the Governor boldly decided to usurp the power of the courts and the will of the people and wrongfully appoint yet another person, Brian Perera. ORTA will not stand by and watch one man’s hidden agenda stand in the way of bringing transparency and accountability to our pension system.


STRS is broken. Help us fight back by supporting board members like Wade Steen who are trying to fix it. 

Please consider a contribution of $10, $25, $50, $100 or even more – every dollar will be critical in this fight to take back our pension system.

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ORTA hereby establishes a Pension Defense Fund (“Fund”) for the purpose of furthering ORTA’s mission of protecting the pensions of Ohio teachers. ORTA may solicit contributions into the Fund and shall restrict contributions received in the Fund for related uses. The Executive Director may make expenditures from the Fund upon written approval of the Executive Committee. The Executive Director is authorized to transfer unrestricted monies into the Fund and may then transfer money out of the Fund to reimbursement for such transfers.

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