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Ohio's teachers are under attack.

On the morning of the STRS Ohio Board meeting on May 15, Ohio AG Dave Yost filed a lawsuit to remove two state teachers' pension board members, saying they breached their fiduciary duty to protect the pension fund.

Yost is basing this charge on a "14 page anonymous memo" sent to Gov. Mike DeWine by STRS Ohio staff. Among other accusations is the claim that the election of reform-minded Board members in the past six elections is a "hostile takeover" of STRS Ohio.


The arrogance of STRS staff to characterize the election of reformers in the past six elections as a "hostile takeover" says it all. They think the pension system belongs to them, not the membership.

In this country, fair and democratic elections are the foundation on which our institutions are held accountable. Ultimately, Ohio law vests the administration of STRS to the board, not to the staff.

This is not a hostile takeover, it is a teacher takeover through fair and free elections.

Please donate today to help support our democratically elected reformers and ensure their ability to bring about real change at STRS.

Every dollar will be critical in this fight!

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ORTA hereby establishes a Pension Defense Fund (“Fund”) for the purpose of furthering ORTA’s mission of protecting the pensions of Ohio teachers. ORTA may solicit contributions into the Fund and shall restrict contributions received in the Fund for related uses. The Executive Director may make expenditures from the Fund upon written approval of the Executive Committee. The Executive Director is authorized to transfer unrestricted monies into the Fund and may then transfer money out of the Fund to reimbursement for such transfers.

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