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Passport (background removed)

As a member of ORTA, you have access to exceptional savings through Passport Unlimited.


Passport offers savings at Costco, Sam's Club, Kohls, Apple, and hundreds of other retailers and services. You'll receive email updates about new savings in dining, travel, and shopping.


  1. ​Call the ORTA office at (614) 431-7002 to get your individual activation code for Passport.

  2. Click here to sign up for discounts and savings through Passport.

    1. Click on the blue button that says "Register here".​

    2. Enter your email address. Your email address will be used as your primary login for the program when you access this website or sign into the Passport Mobile app.

    3. Enter the individual activation code that you got from ORTA.

    4. Complete the Passport registration form and click on the blue button that says "Submit".

    5. Write down your AMBA discounts membership number. You will need it to edit your Passport profile and sign into the Passport mobile app.

    6. Start saving!

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