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December Newsletter

Keep up-to-date with the latest newsletter from ORTA. In this issue, you will find:

  • Updates from ORTA President

  • Updates from ORTA Executive Director, Robin Rayfield

  • STRS news and updates

  • Links to the Forensic Audit of STRS

  • Holiday Care

  • New Travel Partner!

  • ORTA night with the Cleveland Cavaliers in April!

  • Member benefits, renewal information, membership cards, etc.


ORTA has been active in spreading our message regarding what is taking place at STRS. There are updates from the November 18th STRS meeting provided by Robin. The Auditor of State, Mr. Faber, has recently announced a special audit of STRS. You can read about the special audit here:

ORTA will be interviewing the STRS Trustee candidates in the spring and provide recommendations if possible. Year End Chapter reports will be available soon.

Additional News:

ORTA has a new travel partner, Overseas Adventure Travel. More than 500 groups, like ORTA, travel with Overseas Adventure Travel (O.A.T.) each year because they are the leader in international travel for mature Americans and solo travelers. ORTA members will also enjoy their small groups, experienced trip leaders, flexible itineraries, and reasonable prices. Not to mention one-third of O.A.T. travelers are retired educators, what a perfect fit!

ORTA Night with the Cleveland Cavaliers!

The Cleveland Cavaliers welcome all members, family, and friends of the Ohio Retired Teacher's Association to our season finale vs. the Milwaukee Bucks on April 10th, 2022! Discounted tickets can be found below and will be sold at a first-come, first-served basis... NOTE: Seats in C119-C112 include a $15 credit value for food and beverage at FanFuel concession stands!

Newsletter Viewing:

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