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 ORTA has taken the opportunity to survey all for candidates that are up for the STRS Board Election. We received results from all candidates, and they are below. Please click the candidate to see their responses. 

Bob Stein is a current STRS trustee.

Rita Walters is a current STRS trustee.

Rudy Fictenbaum is a candidate for STRS trustee.

Liz Jones is a candidate for STRS trustee. 

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ORTACast-Episode 4: ORTA Begins the Forensic AuditORTACast
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ORTA's covid-19 safety procedures

ORTA Newsletters 2018

ORTA is committed to the safety of all of our members. With safety being our priority, ORTA offers the following guidelines moving forward as Ohio emerges from the COVID 19 Pandemic.


1. ORTA’s first guiding principle is that all ORTA activities should adhere to Ohio’s Governor’s rules and guidelines regarding COVID 19. The state of Ohio’s Health Department has provided a strong list of rules and guidelines for its citizens.ORTA strongly supports these rules and guidelines.


2. As Ohio emerges from the ‘stay home’ orders and people begin to resume their daily lives, please remember that all ORTA members are in the category of ‘high risk’ individuals. Since our membership is comprised of high-risk individuals, ORTA activities should be curtailed until Ohio’s Health Department leaders indicate that it is safe to resume meetings. 


3. Currently, activities that involve close contact (less that 6’ social distancing) remain prohibited. Large groups (more than 10 people) also remain prohibited.


4. Because ORTA local chapters typically meet in groups of people larger than 10, it is not suggested that local chapters resume meetings at this time.


5. A few local chapters have indicated that they plan to meet with their respective Executive Committees to conduct chapter business. ORTA suggests that these meetings be conducted via conference call or some other remote mechanism. ORTA will assist in this endeavor as it may be new  many members. Call the ORTA office for assistance with this issue.


6. It is possible for a smaller group (less than 10 people) to meet (in person) if such a meeting is necessary. Please remember, social distancing (at least 6’) remains necessary for any such meetings. People that are especially at risk (those with underlying conditions that place them at increased risk) should not participate in any face to face meetings. The use of a public park where meeting participants could bring their own chair is a possibility for maintaining social distancing. Face coverings, and hand sanitizer would be required for such meetings.


7. We are in the beginning of the recovery phase. Our health leaders are working feverishly on a vaccine. If we can hold on a little longer the end is in sight. 


8. Please feel free to lean on ORTA for assistance in keeping your local chapter active during the time of this pandemic.