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Why Join ORTA

Are you recently retired or about to retire?

Experience the benefits of joining ORTA!

We tirelessly advocate for and safeguard your STRS Ohio pension, ensuring a stable retirement. Connect with local groups for networking, friendship, and support. Enjoy a wide range of perks, including comprehensive medical and life insurance coverage. Join us for a secure and fulfilling retirement journey!

Member Benefits
What They're Saying

"Joining ORTA was the best decision for my retirement. They protect my pension, offer local meetings for connection, and provide incredible benefits like insurance coverage and exclusive discounts. ORTA truly ensures a secure and fulfilling retirement."

- John H - Carroll, OH

What They're Saying

"ORTA has truly enhanced my retirement experience. With pension protection, local connections, and amazing benefits like insurance coverage and exclusive discounts, my retirement is secure and fulfilling."

- Gina D (Toledo, OH)

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