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There’s no end in sight for the battle for control of the State Teachers Retirement System (STRS)

The Spectrum: STRS Battle (5:48) Colleen Marshall April 28,2024

“We’ll let the courts figure that, figure this out,” Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine said about one week after a court ruled the governor overstepped his authority in ousting STRS member Wade Steen.

“I felt like they, again, pulled the rug out from underneath us,” STRS board member Julie Sellers said.

Did you know that ORTA has been paying for Wade Steen's legal fees as he fights to be reinstated to the STRS Ohio Board? Governor DeWine has signaled that he plans to ask the Supreme Court to intervene and deny Wade Steen his rightful seat on the STRS board. ORTA needs resources to continue this battle in the courts. Please consider making a donation to ORTA's Pension Defense Fund.



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