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Watch live! Wade Steen v. STRS Ohio: March 26

Join ORTA President Dean Dennis, and Executive Director Dr. Robin Rayfield, on March 26th to support soon-to-be-reinstated STRS board member Wade Steen.

As has been widely reported, last month an Ohio court held that pro-teacher board member Wade Steen should be reinstated to the STRS board. The Governor's office appealed the decision.

The court scheduled oral arguments for the appeal, and ORTA and the STRS Ohio Watchdogs are encouraging active and retired teachers to attend in support of Mr. Steen.

  • The hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, March 26 at 10:45am in Courtroom 23B, Franklin County Government Center, 373 South High Street, Columbus, Ohio. 

  • Parking is available in the 34 East Fulton Street Parking Garage.

  • If you are not able to attend in person, you will be able to listen to the oral arguments on YouTube. Click on "Live" to hear the arguments.

As one Ohio newspaper editorialized, Wade is "the first and most ardent voice for investment management reform in the entire state pension system."

In his more than seven years on the STRS board, Wade Steen has been an advocate for Ohio educators by fighting for transparency, accountability and change. He’s uncovered millions in hidden fees paid to Wall Street hedge funds and fought against unearned “performance” bonuses for STRS staff.

STRS is broken. Help us fight back by supporting board members like Wade Steen who are trying to fix it. 

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