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Court rules in favor of teachers, but will it be appealed?

In a huge victory for teachers this week, an Ohio court held that pro-teacher board member Wade Steen should be reinstated to the STRS board. The court determined Mr. Steen was wrongfully removed by the Governor last year. 

To learn more, please check out the news clip below.

Despite the clear facts and law of the case, the Governor's office is hinting it may pressure its unlawful appointee Brent Bishop to appeal.

We hope that Mr. Bishop will do the right thing for the future of STRS and Ohio educators and not appeal the court's decision. It is Mr. Bishop's decision alone to make; he need not bend to pressure by the Governor.

Nonetheless, we are preparing to fight back. Will you help?

ORTA established the PENSION DEFENSE FUND to ensure it has the legal and professional resources necessary to continue its fight for pro-teacher policies and the reinstatement of pro-reform STRS board member Wade Steen.

In his more than seven years on the STRS board, Wade Steen has been an advocate for Ohio educators by fighting for transparency, accountability and change. He’s uncovered millions in hidden fees paid to Wall Street hedge funds and fought against unearned “performance” bonuses for STRS staff.

STRS is broken. Help us fight back by supporting board members like Wade Steen who are trying to fix it. 



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