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Ousted Ohio teachers’ pension fund board member reinstated after wrongful removal lawsuit

A progressive member who was removed from overseeing Ohio’s teacher retirement system has been reinstated to the board after taking his former pension board and the governor to court.

Investment expert Wade Steen was reinstated to the State Teachers Retirement Board on Tuesday after the Tenth District Court of Appeals ruled he was improperly ousted by Gov. Mike DeWine. The court held, “reasonable minds can only conclude the governor lacked the statutory, Constitutional, or inherent authority to remove relator [Steen] from his position.”

“I am excited to serve the remainder of my term just as I have my first seven years – by doing all I can to ensure our pension fund is solvent, transparent and accountable,” said Steen in a statement. “To the teachers who supported and encouraged me during this ordeal – and all those who contributed to the ORTA Pension Defense fund – I sincerely thank you.”



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