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Demand Change
in STRS Leadership

STRS is broken.  To fix it, we need real change.  To see real change, we need new leaders.


Active teachers aren’t getting the real story, just OEA talking points which originated from STRS. It's time to show your voice.


Sign this petition to tell the Board to elect a Chair who will listen to Ohio teachers and not STRS bureaucrats.


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Endorsed by Ohio STRS MOF & STRS Ohio Watchdogs

After years of witnessing financial mismanagement, reduced benefits and blatant obfuscation, Ohio teachers overwhelmingly rejected all three status quo candidates in May’s Board election in favor of reform challengers.
Since that time, the lameduck STRS Board pushed through 6% staff raises, $10 million in staff bonuses and accelerated reduction in teacher benefits.
Despite teachers delivering a mandate for change, we continue to see more of the same.  STRS leadership had a chance to change course, but they refused to do so.
Next month, the newly composed board will be sworn in. The board must elect a chair who is committed to rebuilding trust with Ohio teachers.
The new chair must be committed to implementing transparency and open meeting initiatives, a staff compensation and bonus overhaul, and a top-bottom review of hidden investment fees paid to Wall Street.


These actions are necessary to keep the promise made to Ohio’s active teachers planning for their retirement security and retired teachers demanding their COLA be reinstated.
It is time we have a board chair committed to keep those promises.

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