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Magistrate: Gov. DeWine Broke the Law...

...Amid an Election, With Enormous Consequences

Since 1947, the Ohio Retirement for Teachers Association has advocated for the pensions and benefits of Ohio's active and retired educators by lobbying Ohio's legislators and public officials to provide a strong and sustainable retirement system for all Ohio educators.

More recently, our advocacy has included demanding accountability and transparency from our state teacher retirement system (STRS).

Fund underperformance and mismanagement has resulted in lost COLA’s and broken promises for retired teachers while active teachers are being forced to pay more and work longer for less benefits.

But the entrenched interests at STRS and state government seem determined to maintain the status quo and ignore the will of teachers.

Please take a few moments to read this wonderfully detailed post by longtime friend-of-teachers David Pepper who clearly summarizes the past several months and the incredible impact teachers across the state are having in their fight to take back their pension system.

What's more, we read the desperate (and unlawful) acts the status quo are taking to prevent reform. In Pepper's own words, "this is a major scandal."

Click here to read the latest and please share with your teacher friends and colleagues.



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