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Attend the October STRS Ohio Board meeting

The STRS Ohio Retirement Board will meet on October 19, 2023. You can attend in person or via Zoom.

Why should you attend the October STRS Ohio Board meeting?

STRS Ohio keeps track of how many people attend the Board meetings, in person and via Zoom. They also keep track of how many people watch the recordings of the Board meetings and how many people view the Board meeting documents on the STRS website.

When you attend the Board meetings in person or via Zoom, you are letting STRS know that you are watching and listening and paying attention to how STRS is managing and investing your retirement savings account. You are making your voice heard!

Another reason to attend the October Board meeting via Zoom is to watch and listen as ORTA Executive Director Robin Rayfield and ORTA President Dean Dennis address the Board during Public Participation, along with Ohio's active and retired teachers.

Preliminary meeting materials will be available on Tuesday before the meeting and final meeting materials will be available approximately 30 minutes before the meeting starts.



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