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ORTA endorses Michelle Flanigan for STRS Board

ORTA has endorsed Michelle Flanigan for a contributing (active) seat on the STRS Ohio Retirement Board. This seat is currently held by Dale Price, whose term will end on August 31, 2024.

Active teachers will be voting to fill this seat in April of 2024. The winner of this election will be announced in early May and begin their term as Trustee in September.


Ohio State Teachers' Retirement System, Columbus, faces a key board election in the spring that could tilt the balance to a group of self-proclaimed reform trustees.


Michelle has taught Government, Economics and Financial Literacy at Brunswick City Schools for the past 26 years. She worked as a financial analyst at American Greetings prior to becoming a teacher.

ORTA was looking for a candidate who could analyze pension finances and advocate for the restoration of pension benefits in a responsible manner. During the interview it was clear that Michelle has a strong grasp of finances and would be an excellent fiduciary for our members.

Michelle is endorsed by ORTA, the STRS Ohio Watchdogs, and the Ohio STRS Member Only Forum (MOF).



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