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September 2021 ORTA Newsletter

September's newsletter is here. Highlights include:

  • Note from ORTA President, Kara Mendenhall

  • Note from Executive Director, Robin Rayfield

  • Scholarship announcements from Trumbull Co., Butler Co., and Pickaway Co.

  • Latest news from Logan County

  • ORTA Merchandise- COMING SOON!

  • Member benefits, renewal info, and membership cards


Update from ORTA Executive Director, Robin Rayfield:

The STRS Board of Trustees met on September 16, 2021. ORTA provided a live stream to the meeting on our Facebook page. Items of note that were included during the meeting included: STRS healthcare programs remain strong. The claims are low, even in the non-Medicare groups. With low claims the STRS staff are recommending a $300 premium rebate for STRS members that take insurance from STRS.

Update from ORTA President, Kara Mendenhall:

Hello to all ORTA members!

It is with great relief that I

watched the calendar change to autumn this week. The heat, and especially the humidity of the recent past, seemed to literally drain energy from me. Even though the cooler temperatures have been accompanied by rain, it is a welcome relief from the swelter. The yellow soybean fields seem to be the only fall color evident so far, but leaves have begun to fall!

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