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AMBA Webinars 2024

ORTA has partnered with AMBA to offer a series of short webinars about important topics like long term care, Medicare, medical transportation, and more. The talks are educational and informative. Retirees often tell us that they are thankful for the overview and knowledge they gain.

Join us for the next one, and invite a friend! 

  • April 16: Emergency Transportaion Issues in Ohio

  • May 21: Preparing for Summer - Discounts

  • June 18: All About Your Dental and Vision Plans

  • July 16: All About Long Term Care

  • August 20: Protecting Your Nest Egg

  • September 17: Life 101

  • October 15: The Basics of Medicare

  • November 19: All About Long Term Care

  • December 10: Holiday Discounts for ORTA members

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