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Whether you're still in the classroom, leading your local school district or are a higher education professor, ORTA welcomes you to use us for unique resources. While retirement may be sometime away, you can always sign up to be a member at the state and local levels to begin to receive all the benefits and advocacy that our retirees do including supplemental vision and dental options (please see our "Partnerships" page), a presence at STRS on YOUR behalf, and more. 

Another perk of joining ORTA while still working, are the opportunities our chapters provide. Many chapters offer classroom grants (money for your classroom and special projects), continuing education scholarships and graduating senior scholarships. 

We want be a leading voice for your present career and your retirement future! Join us today and be part of something special. 

Please see the list of active educator resources below: 

Chapters who provide Classroom Grants:

Northeast Ohio

Southeast Ohio

Northwest Ohio

Southwest Ohio

Central Ohio 

Chapters who offer Continuing Education Scholarships:

Chapters who provide College Scholarships: 

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